Marcos De Niza Plaza Suite 723-730

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Marcos De Niza, Tempe AZ Suite 723-730 has 4,220 SF

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* The Property is subject to change or modification as may be made by the Landlord in its sole discretion or required by any authority having jurisdiction. Any and all measurements, distances or square footage are approximate. Landlord does not covenant or represent that any occupant currently or hereafter located at the Property will remain a tenant. Landlord makes no representations, either express or implied, as to the current or future addition or subtraction of tenants and/ or occupancy of the Property.

  • Address: 705 E Guadalupe Rd, Suite 723-730
  • Location:
  • Zip: 85283
  • Status: For Lease
  • Property Type:
  • Mortgage: N/A
    • Building Size: 4,220 Sq Ft
    • Floors: 1