Holiday tradition at Pollack Tempe Cinemas: Home of the $3.50 movies!

Pollack Tempe Cinemas is a discount theater featuring second-run movies. Waiting for the motion picture to be released and seeing the movie for only $3.50 admission every day except for the $2 Tuesday special is well worth it to our customers.

Don’t let the words “discount theater” mislead you. In 2014 Michael Pollack, President and Founder of Michael A. Pollack Real Estate Investments and owner of Pollack Tempe Cinemas decided to convert the cinema to an all-digital format with state-of-the-art digital video and surround sound. To add to the experience he upgraded to all new seating in the 6 theaters and refinished the floors.

Pollack Tempe Cinemas, located on the southeast corner of McClintock and Elliot Road entertains thousands of families each year. The savings doesn’t stop with the $3.50 admission, you will find the popcorn and items in the concession stand cost less than competitors.


Pollack Tempe Cinema is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living

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