Real Estate Management

Warner_Rotator-1024x351MAP International Management Inc. acts as commercial real estate property management arm for all Pollack affiliated properties in the Phoenix area and across the country. The Management Team at MAP International makes business management decisions solely for properties that are company owned and those properties held through related limited liability companies and general partnerships owned by Pollack affiliates.

The advanced technological processes utilized by MAP International Management to coordinate the daily operation of the properties includes a proprietary computer system, mobile command station and worldwide data accessing capabilities. Each of these utilities assists  in the creation of investor documentation, acquisition modeling, construction tracking and commercial real estate property management accounting. Throughout the ownership of the property, the building or site is examined for possible upgrades, expansion or options for adding greater profitability.

Due to the great performance record of Michael A. Pollack Real Estate Investments and MAP International Management Inc., property owners frequently inquire about contract commercial real estate property management arrangements. At this time, however, MAP International Management Inc. only manages projects that are owned or controlled by Pollack affiliate organizations.